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Making this post for several reasons

  • I’m going to see The Cab tomorrow
  • w00t
  • But I’m interviewing a band
  • and full brick houses are coming out of my behind
  • and I can’t even take my nice camera, douche bag venue manager
  • I have homework to do that is due Friday, and I don’t want to do it today, but if I don’t, I will never do it
  • They put my transfer grades from my old English class to my new one, so my perfect A went down to a low C
  • I’ve heard from students apparently my old English teacher feels bad about the kids, so now her work is easier
  • and I used to get bullied for wearing feathers in my hair, and one day some kid tried to rip them out of my hair
  • and I’ve never really worn them since at school
  • and now everyone wears feathers in their hair
  • and I want to just live in a mountain
  • because fuq diz shyte
  • and this SOPA awareness thing a bunch of websites are doing is making me realise my intense dependency and addiction to the internet. FUCK YOU CONGRESS, GO HOME.
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